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Murrelektronik Testsenter

«Syretesten» for alle produktene

Murrelektronik products are subjected to a considerable amount of testing long before they reach the market. Legal requirements have to be complied with, and because the products have to meet the quality requirements of our customers and Murrelektronik itself. Murrelektronik has concentrated its test activities in a test center.

The Murrelektronik test center has its origins in the EMC laboratory, which is where proof of the electromagnetic compatibility of products is provided. Compliance with the EMC directive is an important prerequisite for being allowed to use the CE symbol. The Murrelektronik test center is accredited for the most frequently used EMC tests.

Product safety is the main focus of the low voltage directive: products must not be dangerous to users during normal use, should faults occur. The test center can perform most of the testing that is needed to adhere to these requirements such as leakage current measurements and high-voltage testing, and can determine whether any air gaps or leakage paths are present.

The technical properties of products are tested down to the last detail in the test and validation area, and proof of the industrial capability of each individual component is provided. The investigation of resistance to environmental effects and media reveals whether products can withstand adverse environmental effects. Products are subjected to extreme operating conditions for several weeks during endurance tests. The analysis of these long-term tests helps to raise the quality standard even higher.

The Murrelektronik test center is an important service provider and also allows other companies to use its testing facilities.

The test center can be contacted by telephone on +49 (71 91) 47-0 or by e-mail at

Internasjonale representanter

Internasjonale representanter

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