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november 4, 2019

IO-Link Makes Installations Easy

IO-Link is the answer for more efficient, more flexible and profitable machinery – Murrelektronik has the equipment and the know-how to make it happen

Production processes are becoming faster and more flexible and, as a result, more profitable. A lot of data is collected in modern machinery and plants during the production process. Integrating IO-Link devices simplifies data collection and handling while creating transparency all the way from the sensor-actuator level to the cloud. Murrelektronik is your expert when it comes to integrating IO-Link devices into your installation.


IO-Link shortens commissioning time

The configuration data for smart sensors or actuators comes straight from the control system and does not have to be manually configured so machine set up is faster.

IO-Link lowers costs

IO-Link communication does not require shielded cables. Instead, lower cost, standard M12 or M8 connectors can be used. The control system no longer needs costly analog cards and configurable sensors and actuators minimize the number of different versions required. As a result, procurement processes are simplified, and less storage space is needed in warehouses so direct costs are lower.

IO-Link increases productivity

With IO-Link, device configurations are stored in the master. When a device has to be replaced, the configuration can be transferred straight to the new component. This makes the replacement process quicker and easier while substantially lowering downtime.

IO-Link revolutionizes maintenance

Because IO-Link devices are constantly generating clear text process data, service technicians gain insight into application processes and conditions. Repairs can be scheduled and new maintenance routines, including the option for remote maintenance, can be established prior to a full-scale breakdown.

What makes Murrelektronik the right partner?

Murrelektronik is the expert when it comes to implementing installation concepts that are tailored to your application. With your help, we analyze your plant and machinery – paying special attention to both the number and the location of the inputs and outputs into which sensors, actuators and smart devices are integrated. Drawing on our industry experience and your first-hand knowledge of your facility, we can select the installation concept that best meets your needs. No matter which one you pick, every concept has something in common: IO-Link.


Range of Options

Murrelektronik’s compact fieldbus modules (MVK Metal, Impact67 and Solid67) are equipped with IO-Link ports. They allow you to easily integrate IO-Link devices into the installation quickly and easily. Murrelektronik also offers MVK Fusion, a stand-alone fieldbus module that allows you to connect standard IOs, safety applications and IO-Link devices in the same module.

Another option is Cube67, Murrelektronik’s compact, modular fieldbus system. With the integration of a Cube67 IO-Link master into your Cube installation you can connect up to 128 IO-Link devices on one bus node.


IO-Link Accessories

Murrelektronik offers a wide range of IO-Link accessories including hubs, analog converters and inductive couplers to maximize the profitability of your IO-Link installations. Hubs let you easily multiply the number of digital IO ports while the analog converter can be used to connect analog sensors and actuators to an IO-Link master. Our inductive coupler ensures touchless IO-Link communication over an air gap - IO-Link masters and devices can be paired and separated almost instantly (approx. 10ms) making tool changes quick and easy. Murrelektronik even offers an IP67 rated power supply, Emparro67 Hybrid, that has built-in IO-Link functionality for collecting diagnostic data and operating characteristics.


IODD on Board

The IODD (IO Device Description) file is a device description file for IO- Link devices. It contains identifying information, device configuration, process and diagnostic data, communication features and more. With the Cube67 Ethernet/IP bus node, users can build their own IODD file library. All IO-Link devices integrated through the Cube67 system can be configured on Cube’s web interface. The web interface eliminates the need for IO-Link devices’ AOI files. It also has an additional built-in function for commissioning and troubleshooting IO-Link devices without a controller. With Murrelektronik’s MVK Metal and Impact67 fieldbus modules, the IODD files are stored in the GSDML file.

If IO-Link sensors, valve terminals or other devices are built into the installation, users can directly access these databases via the web interface or standard engineering tool. There is no additional software needed and time-consuming steps, like file imports, are a thing of the past. Integration is achieved in record time.


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About Murrelektronik

Murrelektronik is a global leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of automation solutions. Our products can be divided into four core lines: Power Supplies and Control, Interfaces, Cables/Connectors and IO Systems.

Our high-quality, innovative products and focus on market requirements sets us apart from the crowd. Our customer-oriented approach ensures our tailored solutions make your applications better.


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