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Connection, Separation and Communication

Interfaces from the cabinet to the field are an essential part of many installation concepts.

Murrelektronik offers a comprehensive product range for quick connections, easy separations and for connecting diagnostic equipment. The components can be used variably. Power outlets for the cabinet and bright lighting elements complement the product line.

Murrelektronik Interfaces Overview

Lighting Elements

Murrelektronik's lighting systems use the best technology on the market. The LEDs are made to last and don't need much power. The Modlight50 and Modlight70 signal tower's are easy to assemble – the innovative mounting system makes the different…  more

Modlink Heavy

The heavy-duty plug connectors of the Modlink Heavy series from Murrelektronik guarantee secure transmission of signals, energy, data and pneumatics – even in the roughest of industrial environments. They consistently protect interfaces from water,…  more

Modlink MPV

Connecting fieldbus systems to cabinets is important for day-to-day maintenance. But the interface has to be durable to ensure reliable data transfer. Modlink MPV cable entry systems make it possible to use pre-wired cordsets to reduce setup time and…  more

Modlink MSDD

Modlink MSDD interfaces provide convenient access to the controls when diagnostics or service work is necessary. The cabinet door stays closed so your machine or installation can maintain the recommended protection class. Which makes sure the…  more

Modlink MSVD

Applications in the control cabinet require the right power outlets. Murrelektronik's wide range includes many versions for global applications.  more

Modlink Vario

Modlink Vario is a modular media connector to couple and decouple pneumatics, fluids and electronics with just one system. It is suitable for uncomplicated use on switch cabinets, tools and machine parts. Its unique feature is that it allows…  more

MSDD Hybrid Fieldbus Coupling

MSDD hybrid fieldbus couplers transfer data and power from the cabinet into the field. A repeater function amplifies and processes signals.  more