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Electronics in the Cabinet

Optimum Power Management Systems

Murrelektronik's cabinet components ensure optimum power management in machine and system installations.

The individual components are perfectly matched to each other. This ensure consistent power supply on a high level while focusing on efficiency. The installation is ready in a short time. Suppressor and buffer modules ensure system availability.

Electronics in the Cabinet

Buffer Modules

Voltage drops can cause unpleasant effects: interrupt production processes, cause downtime, and require a system resets. They may even cause data loss and machine damage. Murrelektronik's buffer modules protect power supplies by bridging the time…  more


Eco-Rail-2 power supply units offer manufacturers of machinery and control cabinets the possibility to supply power to their consumers flexibly and economically. These units provide basic functionality and help to monitor the overall costs in the…  more

EMC Filters

EMC filters are essential components that prevent interferences in machines and systems. They reduce the interference emissions while improving immunity from internal and external interferences. Murrelektronik offers a comprehensive range of filters.  more


Murrelektronik's Emparro switch mode power supply units' efficiency rate of up to 95% is impressive! This reduces power loss to a minimum and the low energy consumption helps save a lot of money.  more

Emparro ACCUcontrol

The Emparro ACCUcontrol UPS module rounds out the high-performance Emparro power supply system. In the event of a power failure, it automatically switches to battery operation and prevents machine downtimes. Investing in a UPS system frequently pays…  more

Emparro HD – Heavy Duty

The Emparro HD switched power supply is designed for use in particularly tough environments to guaran-tee a reliable supply of electricity.
The preferred application areas for Emparro HD are areas in which power supply units may be installed in a…  more


Emparro67 power supply units are designed for applications in the field. They are durable enough to withstand even the most extreme environmental conditions. Emparro67 significantly reduces power loss and lowers energy costs because they can be…  more

Emparro® 3~

Emparro 3-phase power supplies for 24V applications are important components in quality power management systems. These units are not only extremely reliable but also extraordinarily efficient as a result of their integrated reserved power. However,…  more


Murrelektronik's Evolution power supply units are extremely reliable and help increase machine uptime. If one of the phases temporarily fails, Evolution continues working reliably with two phases. Cooling fins integrated in the housing efficiently…  more

MB Redundancy Balance

Power supply systems are often redundantly designed with two power supply units in order to achieve the highest machine run time. Murrelektronik's active redundancy module, MB Redundancy Balance, decouples two independent power supply units and…  more

MICO Basic

MICO Basic is Murrelektronik's intelligent power distribution module for 24 V DC applications. It monitors the power distribution and reacts to short circuits by shutting the channel down as late as possible but as early as necessary. MICO Basic is…  more

MICO Classic

MICO Classic is the intelligent power distribution module from Murrelektronik for 24 V DC applications. This cabinet component monitors currents on up to four channels. It indicates when approaching the maximum load and it shuts the channel off if…  more


MICO Fuse is the ideal alternative to using individual safety terminals. The compact module features eight sockets for glass tube fuses that can easily be serviced from the front of the module. It protects up to eight channels. The MICO FUSE 24 LED…  more

Mico Pro®

Mico Pro® is the new and innovative current monitoring system from Murrelektronik for 12 and 24 VDC applications with patented tripping process. The modular system enables you to adapt systems precisely to suit specific applications – offering a…  more


MICO+ is the intelligent power distribution module from Murrelektronik for 24 V DC applications. This cabinet component monitors currents on up to four channels. It indicates when approaching the maximum load and it shuts the channel off if there's a…  more


Optocouplers are used to combine different signal levels or to isolate one signal from another. They provide a optoelectronic signal transfer between input and output, and therefore, they never wear out.  more


Relays from Murrelektronik are extremely small but perform the best. Integrated LEDs always show the current switching status. Several labels keep the cabinet organized during operation. Relay modules with pluggable relay components are excellent for…  more


Machines and systems become more and more closely networked. Ethernet-based automation solutions are gaining in importance as switches allow the implementation of flexible topologies. Murrelektronik offers suitable components for networking the…  more


Transformers have to be flexible because different situations require different voltages. Murrelektronik's product range offers this flexibility, no matter if it's an isolation transformer, control transformer, or safety transformer – we have the…  more