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05. mai 2017

Hold tight! Practical Retaining Clips for Murrelektronik Connectors

The new and universal Murrelektronik retaining clips for M8 and M12 round plug connectors make fastening extremely easy in plants and machines.

The compact retaining clips made of robust plastic can be used side-by-side in any number in a modular fashion. The modular feature allows numerous connectors to be secured next to one another. They replace cable ties which get the job done but are not nearly as practical as retaining clips in terms of installation and maintenance: retaining clips allow connectors to be disconnected and reconnected manually in one step without tools.

The retaining clips are available in two sizes, one for classic M8 and M12 connectors and — with a somewhat larger-sized clip — for shielded M12 cables. The two version can be easily combined with each another.

The brackets can be attached with screws or cable ties anywhere on machines and plants. An integrated radius allows them to be installed even on tubes.