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05. april 2017

Machine Tool Manufacturing: Cost-effectiveness

…and the satisfaction of choosing the right installation approach

Machine tool manufacturing is a broad field. The needs and wishes of customers relating to decentralized installation are just as diverse as the machines and plants themselves. Of course, there is also a common thread, however: Cost-effectiveness, low overall costs, and more competitiveness are always in demand.

Good installation concepts link all I/O points to the controller in an economical manner. The term “cost-effectiveness” is defined a little differently from person to person: Aspects such as material costs, the time needed for installation, and the degree of functionality and technology are weighted differently in every question — depending on the company philosophy. 

This is why Murrelektronik does not offer just a single solution for a given challenge. Instead, customers can select from a variety of passive and active installation concepts and different structures (ring structures, superstructures in a line, topologies in star formation)—there are a range of possibilities that can be combined together.

Electrical engineers in machine tool manufacturing benefit from this: They can select an approach for their machines that meets all of their technical requirements — and is tailored to their needs for cost-effectiveness! Murrelektronik provides comprehensive expertise in all questions of fieldbus technology, safety, and IO-Link.

Competent consultation

Our consultants will be glad to visit you and inspect your machine with you. We identify your challenges and work with you to develop ideas and concepts for your machine and system installation. A competent analysis enables a well-functioning approach that  best matches your philosophy and  expectations relating to cost-effectiveness.