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05. april 2017

Automotive: First-class Consultation – Worldwide Presence

The automotive market is in motion. Important development paths are...

A great team! Murrelektronik employees at the “Global Automotive

Meeting” at the company’s head office in Oppenweiler, on transnational

  • Global orientation: Automotive companies are represented worldwide. They define, together in many cases, internationally valid standards. The (still) low level of mobilization in many countries promises high growth rates.
  • Increasing electromobility: The number of electrical vehicles is increasing. This has impacts on engine and gearbox manufacturing. The production of batteries is becoming more important; the charging infrastructure is being built.
  • Growing environmental awareness: Vehicle manufacturing consumes resources. Automotive companies are working on making production more energy efficient. The term the “green factory” is the buzzword for this development.

Murrelektronik accompanies automotive companies on this path. Promising products and concepts make possible economic installations in newly developing areas of production. The innovation to replace pneumatic components with electric ones generates great potential with an eye to energy-efficient automation.

What’s crucial is that Murrelektronik sends its excellent teams to be present at automotive companies around the world. Close networking ensures first-class consultation and service. Murrelektronik sees itself as an intermediary between countries and the technologies—striving always to satisfy the needs of the motorists and their engine builders and to lead the way to the optimum installation concept.