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07. des. 2016

Safety for automotive applications

With the push-pull module of the MVK metal series and its MVP12 metal distribution box, Murrelektronik presents an attractive solution for automotive applications that, in the event of a failure, makes it possible to switch the IO-Link supply off safely in combination with a safety relay.

The compact and robust MVK IO-Link master module is ideal not only for connecting digital sensors, actuators and, IO-Link devices (Class B) but also for integrating them into fieldbus systems based on PROFINET IRT and RT.

Due to the galvanically isolated sensor and actuator voltages in the master module, the outputs can be switched off safely. The same applies to the digital outputs in the MVP12 Metal IO-Link hub, which are also galvanically isolated from the inputs and switched off together in a safety-oriented manner if they are connected to a IO-Link port of the new MVK Metal master module.

In this way, safety-related solutions up to Performance Level d can be created. Cost-efficient safety-related installation is thus possible for many applications in the bodyshop in automotive production.

PROFINET IRT guarantees cycle times of up to 31.25 µs. This allows, in addition to digital actuators and IO-Link devices, synchronous drives to be integrated into the network.