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09. nov. 2016

Best Practice: Effective connection of sensors and actuators

The mechanical engineering company iPROTec GmbH uses Murrelektronik's Cube system for the electric installation of its new rotary indexing machine for the manufacture of glass. Actuators and sensors are effectively integrated in the installation concept.

The specialist for non-standard machinery from Zwiesel, a climatic health resort in the Bavarian Forest known all over the world for its manufacture of glass, has its core competence in the production of complete plants for the glass industry. They offer service to their customers - from the initial discussion via development, construction, manufacturing and mounting through to commissioning.

A new rotary indexing machine for a glass manufacturer in the Czech Republic which features 24 stations for different process steps is equipped with many actuators and sensors. The electrical engineers opted for a Cube decentralized electrical installation solution with both IP67 modules designed for use in rugged industrial conditions and IP20 modules for the control cabinet.

In the control cabinets, the high packaging density of the IP20 modules is a great advantage, since a large number of signals can be recorded on rather limited space on the DIN rail. When it comes to the industrial field, the Cube67 system cable transfers both supply voltages and communication data in a single line. The Cube67 modules are installed close to the process, so sensors and actuators can be connected with Murrelektronik's short, preconfigured cables. The high temperatures required in glass production reveal the importance of heat-resistant cables.

Plug-in connections are very practical when individual stations of the rotary indexing machine need to be replaced during maintenance operations. All that needs to be done then is to plug the cables into the mounted modules – the production can be resumed without additional implementation.

The use of the Cube system offers extensive diagnostic options, including fast and easy error diagnosis on site and remote maintenance. The fieldbus system also allows system expansion without the need for any particular modification of the installation solution.