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16. juli 2013

Data Transfer at Record Speed

Fast data import and export from the control in the cabinet is easy with Murrelektronik's USB 3.0 pass-throughs.

They make communication easy – for example during diagnostics or maintenance - and keep the cabinet doors closed. Since it's not necessary to open the doors, the MSDD pass-throughs guarantee that the protection degree of the cabinet remains the same. This ensures electrical safety because the machine operator cannot touch conducting components.

The completely pre-assembled MSDD pass-throughs are easily installed: They are simply inserted into standard cut-outs with a diameter of 22.5mm.

MSDD pass-throughs are designed with SuperSpeed USB 3.0 technology. In form A, they are completely backward compatible. Data up to 5 Gbits can be transferred in one second. MSDD pass-throughs are designed for full duplex data transfer and for a current load of up to 900 mA.

For Ethernet networks, MSDD pass-throughs are available as RJ45 models (type female/female) – a great solution!