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22. mai 2013

When Split Seconds Count – MVK Metal with 7/8" Connection and Fast Startup Function

Murrelektronik's rugged fieldbus module, MVK Metal with 7/8" connection, is now available with a "Fast Startup" function and galvanic separation. The Fast Startup function allows for the shortest possible setup and startup times. This is very important for paint shop and materials handling applications in the automotive industry.

On automotive assembly lines there are many robots that have to perform multiple tasks. Each separate task requires a change in their tools. Therefore, several hundred tool changes might be carried out over the course of a day. These connecting and reconnecting processes need to be done in the shortest time possible for the robots to achieve maximum productivity. Therefore, the time between connecting power to the robot and the first cyclic data exchange has to be as short as possible. With the integrated ProfiNet function Fast Startup, or FSU, MVK meets the demanding requirements for startup times: within 400ms of a tool change, the module is operating.

The MVK Metal fieldbus module with 7/8" connection also meets the requirements of the automotive industry in several other ways. Its one-piece zinc die-cast housing makes the module is resistant to weld spatter, oils and lubricants. Each module is also fully potted making it resistant to shock and vibration. While a screwed-in metal back plate protects the encapsulation and keeps electromagnetic interference to a minimum. Plus, the 7/8“ connections are a guarantee for a perfect seal – making the module suitable for especially demanding applications in paint shops or materials handling.

Optimum Diagnostic Options

Failures such as overload, sensor short circuit, and cable breaks are separately monitored for each channel; an LED indicates the port concerned and the failure is reported to the control. Adjacent channels will not be affected.