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13. mai 2013

Click and Go! Murrelektronik’s Torque Wrench

Tightening connectors by hand? It doesn't have to be like this! Murrelektronik, the leading manufacturer of connectors, offers an extremely practical solution for assembly: the torque wrench. With this torque wrench, you can connect cordsets reliably, consistently and conveniently - achieving the right torque for the perfect seal.

Tightening connectors by hand is no fun at all. It often causes sore fingers. And what's even worse: there is a high risk that the connections will get damaged. Such oversight is a risk in the industrial field, most of all in IP67 applications. If connections aren't correctly sealed, this can incur a lot of work and costs.

When using the torque wrench, these problems are avoided. This convenient tool makes it possible to connect cables with a pre-defined torque - which is especially convenient in places that are difficult to reach by hand, for example on fully loaded distribution boxes.

Just turn until you hear the click!

If the cordsets are connected with the right torque, you hear a click. This provides visual and auditory safety for the customer: the connection is sealed, no questions. The torque wrench is available for M8, M12, and 7/8" connections.

Connectors from the Technology Leader

  • We have over 30,000 designs, cable lengths and cable qualities
  • Extensive inventory means fast delivery
  • Speedy production of all combinations imaginable
  • Sealed acc. to IP67 or IP69K
  • 100% tested
  • Delivery from one piece order quantity
  • Hex screw with integrated hex thread