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28. mars 2013

Cube67+ EtherCAT Bus Node Now Available

The flexible and modular Cube67 fieldbus system offers installation solutions that can be specifically matched to an application. The flexibility increases with the addition of an EtherCat bus node to the system. This addition opens the door to a large number of new applications.

EtherCAT is a fieldbus protocol that is growing in popularity in automation technology because of its short response times and high data transfer rates. It also allows plant operators to control drives along with inputs and outputs in a machine.

Murrelektronik's new Cube67+ EtherCAT bus node supports this goal. The module is able to collect the I/O signals and transfer them back to the control.
Cube67+ stands for even more modules, longer cables and more performance. The Cube67+ EtherCAT bus node connects up to 2 x 16 modules along a cable length of up to 2 x 30 meters. The modules can be installed at any position along the Ethernet cable.

Bus change without system change

The new EtherCAT bus node offers machine builders additional flexibility. It supports Murrelektronik's Cube67 philosophy: "bus change without system change". This means that machines or systems are consistently installed with the modular Cube67 system. By selecting the suitable bus node, the lower level fieldbus system can be integrated into the higher-level fieldbus system, without requiring much engineering efforts. The new bus node helps machine builders open the door to end customers that rely on EtherCat technology and, as a result, to a greater number of new applications.

  • Cube67: Murrelektronik's modular Cube67 fieldbus system has over 100 different modules making it one of our most flexible systems. It is installed using Ethernet cables that transfer both power and data. This dual-purpose cable helps to reduce your wiring efforts while lowering installation costs.
  • Cordsets for your Ethercat applications: Murrelektronik offers a comprehensive range of M12 and M8 cordsets that can be used with EtherCAT applications.