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19. april 2017

Product Manager says, “In the final analysis, the overall costs are less”

With Mico Pro®, the potential distribution concept is already integrated. Murrelektronik Product Manger Tobias Berner explains the benefits of this solution.

Mico Pro Product Manager Tobias Berner

Tobias, what advantages does the integrated potential distribution concept have?
It allows potential groups to be built and several consumers to be connected directly. This decentralizes installations in the control cabinet and reduces wiring. In the final analysis, overall costs are less.”

How exactly is potential distribution implemented?
At each output, Mico Pro® has a 24-volt terminal as well as a connection option for zero potential. The use of potential distributor modules multiplies the number of monitored outputs. Since they are already supplied with 0 V through the bridge system, it is enough to run a wire from one monitored output to any positive contact of the potential distributor module. This offers maximum flexibility.

How does this affect the space in the control cabinet?
We have customers who have saved up to 80 percent of space. Entire terminal strips, which require a lot of space, are no longer needed.

Are there other advantages?
The installation provides you with clear organization. The entire Mico Pro® system has a plug-in design. This saves about 75 percent of the time needed for installation. During operation, this technology is also completely maintenance free and vibration resistant.