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08. feb. 2017

State Commerce Secretary Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut Visits Murrelektronik

Insight into current issues facing small and medium-sized businesses

Top visit at Murrelektronik: State Commerce Secretary Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut visited automation company in Oppenweiler as part of her tour of counties in Baden-Württemberg. Together with Caroline Hafner-Pinnel, Chairwoman of the Advisory Board and Representative of the Owner Family, as well as representatives from top management, current issues for small and medium-sized businesses were discussed. Furthermore, she gained insight into the children's aid project supported by Murrelektronik called "Casa do Zezinho."

The State Secretary for Commerce, Labor and Urban Development began the tour in the Rems-Murr-Kreis County in the state of Baden-Würrtemberg. As part of this tour, Dr. Hoffmeister-Kraut will visit various regions in the coming weeks and months.  The goal of this state-wide tour is to create a comprehensive picture of the different economic structures that make the state of Baden-Württemberg successful, said the State Secretary. In doing so, she wants to gain solution-oriented approaches for future topics like retaining skilled employees, urban development or digitalization, and discuss these challenges and opportunities in a close dialog with the people in the state.

In a conversation with the top management at Murrelektronik, Dr. Hoffmeister-Kraut came up against trade restrictions and pointed out that it's currently difficult to determine the impact of the protectionist tendencies for example of the USA or Great Britain on small and medium-sized businesses. Murrelektronik is represented worldwide in a triad structure and, alongside the production facilities at the headquarters in Oppenweiler, has manufacturing in the USA and also in China for their respective markets.  The State Secretary of Commerce saw huge potential for Murrelektronik in the automotive manufacturing industry, where Murrelektronik is well positioned as a solutions provider for systems and machine building as well as for the transition into e-mobility.  Regarding the headquarters in Oppenweiler and her role within urban development, the State Secretary of Commerce saw the growing importance that it is difficult to find suitable living space for employees.

State Secretary of Commerce was extremely interested in Murrelektronik's engagement in the Brazilian children's aid project "Casa do Zezinho." This charity improves the education opportunities from kids and young adults in the Favelas of São Paulo. Caroline Hafner-Pinnel announced an art exhibition for 2018 that would feature the artwork of the children and youth from the Casa do Zezinho.   The founder of the charity, Dagmar Garroux, is expected to attend the exhibition.  The State Secretary of Commerce was appreciative of Murrelektronik’s social engagement and hoped to open the exhibition together with Caroline Hafner-Pinnel.

By Alexander Hornauer

Photos: Denis Zdjelar