Press Releases

20. juni 2016

Murrelektronik Opens a New Production Building

Ultra-modern building houses space for offices, a training center and impressive exhibition spaces

Symbolic Act: Jörg Krautter (Vice President Automation), Stefan Grotzke (Chief Operations Officer), Pavel Vlček (Plant Manager), Matthias Eschle-Reinold (Vice President Power), Ivo Grüner (Deputy District Commissioner for Pilsen for Regional Development, EU Fund and Information Technology), Jiří Vlk (Mayor of Stod) and Pavel Boukal (Managing Director of BP Stavby) cut the ribbon, signaling the opening of the new Murrelektronik building in Stod.

Murrelektronik is on the track for growth. That’s why the company, headquartered in Oppenweiler, Southern Germany, has expanded its facilities in the Czech city of Stod. Additional space was created with the construction of the 6th building, which is 4200 m². It will be used mainly to expand the production. In addition, the new building (investment of approximately 4 million euro) holds space for modern offices for the Czech sales subsidiary, a global training center and impressive exhibition spaces.

At the opening ceremony, the new facility was inaugurated and production officially began. The newly created spaces will be used primarily for manufacturing connectors. Stefan Grotzke, Chief Operating Officer of Murrelektronik, was delighted that the construction was completed on schedule and said: "With the new facility, we are substantially increasing flexibility. It will enable us to respond much faster to the needs of our customers."

For 17 years, Murrelektronik has been manufacturing in Stod. The Czech plant is the largest production site of the globally active group of companies. Around 700 employees produce virtually all parts included in the extensive product range, from small connectors to intelligent circuit breakers and even heavy transformers. At the inauguration, Pavel Vlček, plant manager of Murr CZ s.r.o., mentioned two regional companies with international reputation who rely on Murrelektronik products: "The Pilsener brewery and the Škoda plants, the two well-known companies based in the neighboring town of Pilsen, use products for their machine and plant installations, which we manufacture in Stod.”

The Murrelektronik plant works with the most modern production technologies and consistently planned production processes. Production is a priority for the Murrelektronik Group, who invests around 2.5 million euro every year in innovative systems, machines and products in Stod.

Murrelektronik constructed the new building, already the third expansion in the past five years, with the help of the local construction company BP Stavby CZ s.r.o. and other partners from the region. The investment in the Czech site also created new jobs in the Stod. In the medium-term, the construction of the sixth new building will generate around 250 to 300 additional jobs at Murrelektronik.
The inauguration of the new building was combined with an open house event for the Murrelektronik employees and their families. There were around 1100 visitors that got an up close look at both the new facility and the entire plant premises.