Press Releases

22. april 2016

Maximizing the synergy effect - MASI Power24 Gateway

MASI is Murrelektronik's AS-interface series for cost-effectively connecting system and machine I/O signals to higher-level control systems, for instance in machine tool building or warehouse and logistics systems. MASI installations offer outstanding flexibility because they are not bound to rigid topologies.

In the past, AS-interface installations needed a special 30.5 VDC power supply unit. On installations with a minor number of inputs and outputs and line lengths of up to 50 meters, an additional power supply unit is a huge portion of the costs. Now, the new Murrelektronik MASI Power24 gateways are designed for precisely this kind of application.

They allow the use of standard power supply units with an output voltage of 24 V. Normally, there is one in the control cabinet anyway to power the electronic components. This is an excellent synergy effect and directly saves costs, as well as space in the controls cabinet and additional assembly and installation effort.
On larger scale installations with line lengths of more than 50 meters the MASI Power24 gateway can of course also be run with a 30.5 VDC power supply unit, with no need to change topology or gateway.

The new MASI Power24 gateways act as interfaces in higher-level field bus systems. Murrelektronik supplies Power24 gateways for PROFIBUS, PROFITNET and Ethernet/IP. Data decoupling required by the AS-interface is already integrated into the gateway.

The masters work with the AS-interface specification 3.0 (M4 master) and offer advanced functions and extensive diagnostics options. Slaves to specification 2.0 or 2.1 can also be integrated, as the system offers full downward compatibility.

An integrated web server facilitates commissioning, parameter setting and diagnosis on gateways for PROFINET and Ethernet/IP. Users can access the diagnosis and parameter-setting display over a laptop, tablet PC or smartphone. The application can be easily supported in the machine via remote control, thus speeding up commissioning and troubleshooting.

Installations with MASI68 components provide additional benefits! The individual components are connected by unshielded 4-core M12 lines (A-coded) for comparatively low connection costs. In addition, a large number of digital and analog I/O modules is available. Since standard power supply units can also be used in many applications, systems can be efficiently decentralized while maintaining maximum flexibility.