Press Releases

21. april 2016

Powerful All-Rounder - MIRO Optocoupler

Murrelektronik presents a new universal optocoupler with outstanding qualities: it combines high switching current of up to 6A with a high switching frequency of up to 500 Hz, with no need for any secondary-side auxiliary power.

Optocouplers operate without mechanical wearing components, they have an exceptionally long service life, no bounce times, they are shock- and vibration-proof and emit no switching noise. The new universal optocoupler is an all-rounder, perfect for a variety of applications.

If you already have a control cabinet with Murrelektronik modules, the relay modules connected to them can be easily replaced by the optocoupler module easily during regular maintenance work. The plug base wiring can remain the same. At a width of only 6.2 mm, plug bases can be arranged in a series; they don’t take up very much space in the controls cabinet.