Press Releases

21. april 2016

Intelligent cordsets warn you in advance - Joint research development project for cables equipped with SmartCore technology

Unplanned downtimes are a disaster for factories. Defective cordsets in drag chains and robot tube packages are one of the main causes of these malfunctions.

A broken wire – it’s no more than that, but difficult to detect – can cause considerable costs that were not anticipated. At worst, it may be the case of a loose contact. Sometimes the signal is interrupted, at other times not. How are you supposed to find the error?

As part of a joint research project, Murrelektronik is currently developing new sensor lines that let you know when they are about to fail due to a feature called 'SmartCore Technology’ that now makes cables and cordsets intelligent!
Sent over the existing diagnostics input already featured in many Murrelektronik IO modules, service employees receive a predictive message warning them that the cable has reached around 80 percent of its maximum service life.

The vulnerable cable can be replaced during the next regular maintenance routine – avoiding an unforeseen failure.

Now maintenance engineers don’t need to guess when to replace cables or replace good cables 'just in case'.

Depending on the measuring procedure, other sources of danger like over-temperature, overexpansion, overtightening, snapping or crushing are detected and a warning is also given. Today, cables and cordsets, essential components of almost all machines and plants, are now smarter than ever.
SmartCore is a joint development project between Nexans, Leuze Electronic and Murrelektronik.