Press Releases

24. nov. 2015

Fieldbus Modules with IRT Function

Prioritized Data Transfer

16 Murrelektronik MVK Metal and Impact67 fieldbus modules with IRT ("Isochronous Real Time") function offer even more applications for PROFINET installations.

IRT function modules process time-critical data packages with priority ("fast forwarding"). This ensures that corresponding operations in a production line - like the operation of synchronous motors - take place exactly at a predefined time. These fieldbus modules enable PROFINET Conformance Class C installations that meet PROFINET V 2.2 or 2.3 specifications. With the implementation of IRT it’s possible to reach update times of 250µs and a jitter accuracy (time offset) of less than 1µs.

The only real difference in the two types of modules is their suitability for different types of installations. MVK Metal fieldbus modules with IRT function are designed for applications in harsh industrial environments while the Impact67 modules are an efficient option for less demanding applications.

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