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24. nov. 2015

Emergency Stop and Reset Buttons with M12 Port

Add safety measures quickly and error free

Murrelektronik's new emergency stop and reset buttons come with standard M12 ports so they can be integrated into installations with standard M12 cables. This is a timesaving solution that eliminates the risk of wiring errors. This port makes the control devices a "Plug & Play" safety solution for a wide variety of machines and systems.

The devices are suitable for a wide range of applications – from those with basic functions all the way up to sophisticated, high-end ones. Installations with control devices, like safety fences, or workstations in decentralized locations have the most demand for these buttons.

The standard models are very compact (40mm wide) which makes them suitable for connections to standard aluminum profiles. The wider (72mm) emergency stop buttons are available with a light ring as well as a protective collar to prevent accidental triggering.

Quick assembly in three steps
1.    Screw metal clip
2.    Snap on housing
3.    Attach M12 connection

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