Press Releases

16. mars 2015

A simple way to measure distances and rotation angles

New Encoder Module for Murrelektronik's fieldbus system Cube67

Murrelektronik's Cube67 modular fieldbus system is made up of many function and expansion modules. Those modules make it possible to design installation concepts that meet the specific application requirements.

The Cube67 encoder module is the newest member of this family that enables even more options. Measuring distances per pulse count and the angle of orientation of the shaft can now be easily integrated into Cube67 installation concepts.

The module is designed for incremental encoders. It has two programmable set-points that enable comparison with the actual count value. This makes it possible to enable an output when the preset comparison value is reached - independent of the PLC program.

The Cube67 encoder module is suitable for axles that are driven by frequency converter motors as often used in conveyor belts, lifting devices or materials supply.