Press Releases

10. feb. 2015

Customer Service by Design

New office building and Training center is now open at Oppenweiler headquarters, Germany

Our new office building and training center is now open at Oppenweiler headquarters, Germany. The employees have moved into their new offices and are enjoying the new workspaces. The training rooms have hosted their first meetings and workshops.

Murrelektronik’s primary focus is on the customers and their needs. This requires a high degree of flexibility and short response times. Therefore, Murrelektronik's new office building is designed around an open concept that promotes communication and cooperation between departments.

The variety of spaces in the building provides room for all different types of gatherings. Bar tables and alcoves are available for spontaneous meetings while standard sized meeting rooms are available for bigger groups. This means space is always available for both departmental brainstorming sessions and quick meetings between colleagues.

The open plan does not mean that there is not a quiet place to work. On the contrary, quiet spaces are created through the use of acoustic baffle panels. In addition, sound absorbing ceiling panels, partitions, and a special floor covering help to create a tranquil work environment for each team.

Modular Training Room Concept

The new training center on the ground floor is furnished with state-of-the-art equipment that helps make training fun. The rooms can be configured for not only smaller workshops but also for bigger conferences while the large foyer provides an open and friendly entry and lounge area.