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21. okt. 2014

One Module for Voltage and Current Signals

Murrelektronik presents a new MASI68 analog module for AS-interface installations with a special feature: This compact expansion module processes analog voltage signals and current signals in one module. Four measuring channels are available that can be configured individually. This simplifies installations: so far, two analog modules had to be integrated in installations with different signals (voltage and current). Now, simplify everything and use only one module.  

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According to the specific requirements, you can now configure which of the four ports should be used for which signals.

You can also variably select whether the sensors are connected with a current range of ±4 to ±20 mA or 0 to ±20 mA. Measure currents within the range of 0 to ±10 V, which also dramatically increases flexibility. So far, different analog modules had to be used which resulted in higher costs, more wiring and required more space.

Compared to the competitors, Murrelektronik's MASI68 analog module is the most compact on the market. Its housing is fully potted, it's rugged and meets the requirements of IP68, which is ideal for applications in demanding environmental conditions. Consistent wiring with M12 cordsets make sure you can use it in all applications. A high-quality M12 shielded connection and a functional earth make sure that EMC interference does not impact the sensitive analog signals.
Murrelektronik offers a wide selection of ground straps to help you get started.

As an expansion module, MASI68 can easily be integrated into existing AS-Interface structures and can also be used to daisy chain.