Food & Beverage and Packaging:

Maximum Output at Minimum Energy Consumption

In food & beverage production, a reliable and efficient production facility with a consistently high output rates is extremely important – this also applies to the downstream processes of primary, secondary and final packaging.

It is all about avoiding costly down time. At the same time, energy consumption is critical. Energy-efficient products contribute to meeting the demanding EU climate protection objectives for production facilities.

Products used in the wet zone must satisfy very demanding requirements regarding hygiene, cleanliness and they must be sealed. They must be designed to be robust, safe, as small as possible, and must have a long service life.

As a manufacturer of machinery, you are confronted with the additional challenge of designing your machine concept in a modular manner in order to be economical and to be able to offer a suitable solution for various customer requirements.

We accept this challenge and have the right solutions designed to meet your special requirements within the food & beverage and packaging industries.


  • High uptime
  • Low energy consumption
  • Modular system
  • Rugged products
  • Compact housings
  • Hygienic design


  • Universal system solutions
  • Comprehensive diagnostics for quick troubleshooting
  • Extremely energy efficient
  • Designed and sourced according to ECOLAB / FDA requirements

Our Solutions for the Food & Beverage Market

Automation Solutions

Reliable installation concepts link all I/O points of a system or a machine to the controls in an economical manner. However, economic efficiency can be defined in different ways within various areas of the food & beverage and packaging industry and their individual requirements.Mer

Process Reliability and Maintenance Solutions

Machine availability is the top priority in the food & beverage and packaging industry. Long down times due to conversion or even machine failure must be avoided as they result in immediate financial losses. Therefore, fast reaction to errors is crucial.Mer

Power Supply Solutions

Power is needed in many different areas in the food & beverage industry. Areas like cooling processes (refrigerator and deep freezer systems), transportation, filling and high-energy machines can generate high costs. According to current studies, energy costs are the third highest operating costs for production companies.Mer

Hygienic Design Solutions

When it comes to hygiene, cleanliness and corrosion protection, the food & beverage industry doesn’t make any compromises. Debris can’t get trapped anywhere – it has to be removed. The requirements that are made on the hygiene and performance of machines and systems are continually increasing.Mer


Cube67+ Now Available for Profinet IO  Mer


The Perfect Service Interface  Mer

Example of use:

Installation time reduced by 80%  Mer


Forever bright  Mer